Dancing beyond roles

Learning to dance as follow and lead in the same class is up and coming and will stay around for there are so many postive reasons for it.
Several swing and blues dance schools will offer classes that will teach you both roles from the beginning. A good example is our local Blues Dance Rotterdam.

Here is a short list of  camps that offer workhops during multiple days. Please do not hesitate to tell us about the switching, ambidancetrous and ELEF events out there you know!

Ceuvel Swing Camp, Amsterdam
For the 5th time: a yearly Lindy-Hop event in August that is all about switching roles while dancing, and that features a private class for each participant! This is a weekend full of Lindy-Hop group and private classes, and other styles to be inspired by!
CSC has improved the levelling system in order to accommodate  switching; you can take both levelled Lindy-hop classes in a different  role if you choose to.

Gothenburg Lindy Queer Festival, Sweden
An entire weekend dedicated to the art of swing dancing without set dancing roles. Queer Lindy is swing dancing without regard to the traditional heteronormative dance roles, and with the option to switch roles while dancing. This way of dancing has many names in the lindy community, but GQLF has chosen to use the term queer lindy to connect with other movements like queer tango and queer salsa. But also to expand the LGBTQ+ community within the swing dancing scene and create an opportunity to learn lindy hop for those of us who do not always feel comfortable in the often heteronormative couple dance context.
GLQF hopes to create a forum for queer lindy dancers to meet, learn and share experiences, as well as an opportunity for the curious to discover queer lindy.

The Switch Workshop in San Francisco, USA
In swing dancing we typically teach people to dance one of two roles: Leader or Follower. Being ambidancetrous means knowing how to dance both roles! Some people who are ambidancetrous also enjoy switch dancing, where they fluidly swap roles with their partner in a single dance. The Switch is a Lindy Hop workshop event held in San Francisco, California that celebrates breaking down gender boundaries in dance and emphasizing a space where everyone can freely choose which role or roles they want to dance.

Balboa Castle Camp (ELEF* track), Beesenstedt, Germany
Consistently switching between both roles, you will profoundly deepen your understanding of dynamics and transition from a rather move-oriented approach towards a way of dancing that features partner communication and fluidity of idea exchanges above all. Due to the fact that you will take part in both roles, the basic ambiance of these classes is at the same time more focused (you listen ALL the time) and more pleasant than it often is: you are able to feel first-hand what kinds of problems the other person is dealing with, and this means you can help instead of moaning about the lack of better dance partners.

*ELEF= Everybody Leads, Everybody Follows, read more at Brave new Swing, Vintage dances for Berlin by Anna & friends: https://bravenewswing.de/elef/


2019 05 apr