Harbour Hop Thank You!

Thank you to all the dancers that came to dance at the Harbour Hop weekend. The total blast would have been not as good without you, promised!

Ofcourse huge thank you for great classes by the wonderful Pamela Gaizutyte and Julien Stoehr! It was so lovely to have you.

Thank you to the 'keigezellige' Kalishnikovs for their real swinging' tunes, and to guest DJs Praveen & Marijke.

Special thanks to the crew from New York Barbershop represented by Kvera (Erika) and Ivan Rodriguez.
NewGhents represented by Vincent Raaphorst.
Magic photography, lightning and what not all-round Richard Osseweijer & PA Jorden.
Sound tech: Charles Sanders
Tech support: Lion Facilitair BV (light)
Bob van der Linden (audio)
Billy Leliveld (decor)

Super hugging thank you to our volunteers: VIP driver Kim, set building queen Marike, Lucia, Charles, Deirdre, Chris, Shane, Willemijn, Hans & Liesje, Ernst, Nathaniel, Jeroen, Yuen, Pieta. Hosters: Niels, Nasos, Deidre, Mark, Ymkje, Nina, Pieta.

~please let us know if we forgot somebody!~

big swinging hug from the Harbour Hop team:
Fenna, Egle, Becky, Finn, Elmer, Lenneke, Heidi.

Foto's © Richard Osseweijer

2014 24 mar