Party Like It’s 1929!

  • Datum: Saturday February 10
  • Tijd: 11 - 1 hrs
  • Locatie: Cuartito Azul
  • Adres: Schoterbosstraat 17
  • Prijs: several options

Roffa's gonna party like it's 1929!


We will offer 4 types of dance classes: Charleston (2 hours), Slow Drag/Blues (2 hours), Peabody (1 hour) and Fox Trot (1 hour). You can sign up for as many workshops as you like.

Registration will follow as soon as possible.

All classes are partnered workshops: registration without partner is possible, but we will be confirming you based on the lead/follow balance. Want to ensure your place? Register with a partner!
There will be only place for a limited number of dancers per workshop.

Charleston: 2 hours for €15
Slow Drag: 2 hours for €15
Fox Trot: 1 hour for €7.50
Peabody: 1 hour for €7.50
Party: €5

Preliminary schedule
11:00-13:00 Charleston
13:30-14:30 Fox Trot
15:00-17:00 Slow Drag
17:30-18:30 Peabody

Cuartito Azul,
Schoterbosstraat 17,
3032 CN Rotterdam

A 10 minute walk from Central Station (north side).
From Central Station: Take Tam 4 (direction Molenlaan) stop: Noordsingel or Tram 25 (direction Schiebroek), stop: Schiekade, walk 5 minutes via Teilingerstraat

The Charleston

The Charleston is a dance named after the North American city of Charleston, South Carolina. The most famous song must be "The Charleston" by composer and pianist James P. Johnson from the Broadway musical Runnin' Wild in 1923. The dance evolved from several Afro-American dances and really took off in great fashion in Harlem. During in the second half of the 1920s it became a hit dance that even reached the ballrooms in Europe when the interest in American jazz music was unstoppable.

1920s Charleston is different from what most swing dancers know as 1930s charleston steps used in Lindy Hop. Dancers were facing each other and twisting and kicking their feet to the back and front to fast and hot jazz music. Charleston was danced solo or with a partner. Today we like to think of it as the defining jazz age dance, it was the hot thing for modern and liberated youngsters who shortened their long hair and skirts. It was, but it was also just one of the many dance crazes, while Fox Trot still ruled the ballrooms.

Within two hours you will learn you a fun partnered Charleston routine with lots of quirky steps and moves that define this iconic dance. Plenty of giggles promised!

Monique & Michel from Bal Swing in Amsterdam are one of the dinosaur couples of the Dutch swing dance scene, but not extinct yet! Monique started dancing in 1987, Michel some years later.
Their dancing skills go from Boogie Woogie, Lindyhop, (partnered) Charleston, some Hip Hop, a little bit of Tap dancing  to  Blues. But they are most known for introducing Balboa in the Netherlands, Many dancers including loads of Dutch  swing dance teachers started in their classes.

The Fox Trot

The Fox Trot makes couples continuously flowing smoothly across the floor in 4/4 rhythm. It was the most popular dance in the 1920s and 1930s without any doubt. The Fox Trot never went out of fashion, it still exists and has tranformed into several modern ballroom styles.The dance in itself is quite simple and thus very versatile, it allows for many variations, can be dances fast or slow and suits a variety of music styles.
Even in the 1920s when charleston was all the rage and young dancers were franticly kicking around to hot jazz, along that there was always the Fox Trot which allowed couples to glide romantically across the floor in close position.

Within an hour you'll get the basics down and step around the floor gracefully at any tempo!

Stéphanie & Darren


The Peabody

The dance was called after William Frank Peabody (1873-1939). He was a large, good-natured bachelor who, despite his considerable weight, was light on his feet and who loved to dance. Because of his huge girth, however, William Peabody was unable to hold his partner directly in front of him, so he held her on his right side, in a sort of promenade hold known as the right-outside position.

The Peabody is a brisk dance that is well suited to very fast tempo’s and is danced on fun and whimsical music. The Peabody is essentially a one-step dance with easy footwork and can be learned in a short time. It has fun variations, and invites lots of silliness and goofing about. The leader changes sides as he travels around the floor and adds promenades and simple turns as the dance progresses.

Deirdre & Finn from Swing in Rhythm

During a trip to Berlin Deirdre discovered the Lindy scene. People were dancing on the street and having so much fun together, she just had to learn it herself. Since then she has been a Swing Dance junkie and would love to get you all addicted as well!

Finn started dancing because he loves the music. Balboa is his first choice in swing dancing. There is little room for error in Balboa: either it works or it doesn’t. But when it does, it is the best thing in the world. He also dances Lindy Hop, and dabbles in other styles.

Slow Drag (Blues)

Slow Drag is an African American Social Dance originated in the Deep South of the USA, dating back to the late 1890’s. It was originally danced in Juke Joints to Delta and Ragtime music, and is characterised by the dragging of the feet, push from the floor and grounded feel. In time the dance arrived in the Ballrooms, where Slow Jazz and Jazz Blues were being played, and a new variation of it was created: a Travelling Slow Drag.

In the workshop we will start by learning the basics of Blues dance. Once we all have it, we will take you back to the time of Juke Joints and learn how to dance the Slow Drag in its original form. Afterwards we shall move to the Ballrooms and learn the traveling variation of the dance.

Jukin’ Blues Slow Drag:

Ballroomin’ Blues Slow Drag:

Isabel & Fionn met in Delft in 2013, when Delft Blues was just starting up. It didn’t take long until they became completely addicted to the dance, and started contributing to the scene’s development by organising and teaching locally. They have been learning and teaching the Blues ever since, and recently started Blues Dance Rotterdam.


21:00-01:00 hrs
damage at the door: €5
The party will be also at Cuartito Azul. You can bust out all your new moves to the music of DJs that will serve you hottest and coolest jazz tunes from back in the day.

2018 10 feb