Roffa Balboa Weekend 2019

  • Datum: 22-24 november 2019
  • Tijd: Firday 21 hrs/9 pm - Sunday 20 hrs/8 pm
  • Locatie: different locations
  • Adres: different locations
  • Prijs: €25-€100

It's gonna happen, the next Roffa Balboa Weekend!
We promise... it's gonna be snug, it’s gonna be funny, it’s gonna be inspiring and it’s gonna be magic!


Full Passes: Registration lottery

Registration is closed!

(To take away everyone’s registration stress we will give you a week to register. A a lottery will decide if you will have a spot. This concept has been used for several events and has been proven to be a fair game.
The lottery will also give you more time to contemplate your track choices in the new workshop set-up.
Everyone that registers after the official registration week can be admitted to available spots or will be waitlisted.)

Saturday Passes

Registration is closed!

Party Passes

Party Passes are sold out!

Registration with or without partner?
Registration without partner is possible, of course. But we will be confirming your place based on the lead/follow balance. Want to ensure your place? Register with a partner!
There will be only place for a limited number of dancers per track.

Absolute beginners
We will not offer absolute beginner classes.

Questions about your registration can be sent to our special mailbox: roffaswing.reg ad

Stay updated
here and via Facebook

A new concept: Sessions

More power to the participants! Instead of regular classes divided in usual levels we changed some things. Roffa Balboa Weekend values the concept of students taking reponsibility for their own learning.
What does that mean? Forget a regular class where teachers tell you what to do.
Instead we will have sessions where you will work on concepts with your fellow students under the guidance of the best mentors you could wish for.



Roffa Balboa Weekend offers 4 theme tracks that are mixed level, but some tracks will be more suitable for dancers with less or more experience.
When you register, you will be asked you for your track preference. You are also asked to specify a topic you would like to work on within that theme. It’s okay if you don’t have any exact ideas, but it would be a great start for you to prepare yourself for the sessions if you do.

We will try to place you in the track of preference if there is space available and if the dance experience fits the overall level for that track. So it may happen that you will be place in track of your 2nd choice.

The Bal Swing:
You learned some great moves, you know your lollies and can do your out & ins blindfolded. But now you are ready to make them supersmooth! Your connection to your partner and the music will be key ingredients to become the master of flow.  

The Social Bal:
you just love to be on the floor and dance with everybody. You are in for fun on the floor, regardless of the level of your partner. Hence working on a relaxed connection with different partners is something you would love to investigate. Your third partner is the music, you know the music is significant to your movement and you would love to explore this deeper.

The Pure Bal:
Tech time for pure bal! You want to work on different rhythms and footwork. Music is key again, you want to learn how to play with your feet, change your rhythm in synch with your partner. You like to puzzle over shuffles, fans, triples, taps, and you want to get into the nitty-gritty of it all.

Canncelled: The Slow Bal Track will be cancelled as the interest for the other 3 tracks is much bigger and there are just not enough particpants to fill up an entire track for slow bal *sad face*. We still offer the slow bal taster on Saturday afternoon. Scroll down for more information.
The Slow Bal:

you just love to be on the floor and dance with everybody but at a slower pace. You have done some courses or intensive workshops in slow bal and are very keen to explore*. Working on a relaxed connection with different partners is something you would love to investigate. You know the music is significant to how you move and would love to learn to pace your movement to slow swing.

*for the less experienced that are curious about slow balboa, there is an extra taster class on Saturday afternoon, scroll down for more.

Since we there will be a more relaxed registration system you will have more time to consider your choice of tracks.

Saturday Track:
We will not offer absolute beginner classes. But if you have done one or two courses (not tasters) we may have just the thing for you!
Why don’t you opt for the Saturday Track Pass?

This track is very suitable if you have started your balboa voyage in the past year. You learned your basic steps, know what a throw-out is and want to taste a bit more aside from your weekly classes.

The Saturday Pass offers you two hours of classes with our international teachers Shani and Mel & Jo and will give you access to the Saturday Party with Lester’s Blues. You could make the day even more complete and join the city walk before and discover the city centre of Rotterdam with a vintage jazz view (scroll down for more).

To make this possible a minimum of 15 parcipants is required. The maximum size is 23, so it will be a cosy affair. You can register when registration opens, but your place will be confirmed if the required minimum is reached. After that you will receive a payment request. Do not pay before you place is confirmed.


Full Pass: €100 (4 hours class during 2 days plus entry to all 3 parties)
Party Pass: €45 (all 3 parties)
Saturday Pass: €45 (2 hours class + Saturday party)
Saturday Party: €25 at the door
Slow Balboa taster: €10 (minimum amount of particpants)
City Walk: €10

The Teachers

Miss Shani B (USA)

We couldn't be more excited, chuffed, and honoured to have Shani in Roffa!

Shani hails from sunny southern California. She is best known for her fast, syncopated Balboa footwork, tight swing style and her soft connection - which has been said to feel like a ‘warm hug’. As an instructor, she strives to make dancing simple and effortless with a strong emphasis on combining foundational basics with the soft skills of connection and personal body awareness to develop one's own smooth flow and style.

For 20 years, Shani has dedicated herself to learning, preserving and sharing her love for Balboa and other social dances. She began swing dancing 1998 before moving to Orange County where she discovered a vibrant vintage swing community well connected to their local original dancers. She was immediately attracted to the fast footwork of Balboa and began frequenting the dance floors of first-generation dancers.

Shani is honored to have honed her social dance skills and footwork under the guidance of legendary dancers Willie Desatoff, Hal and Marge Takier, Bart Bartolo, Jack Carey and many others. And although she has competed, placed and won several major competitions, she mainly enjoys social dancing and inspiring others to love balboa and swing.

Marie (Germany) & Gašper (Slovenia)

Sadly Mel & Jo are unable nable to join us we have found two wonderful people that are willing to jump in to make some Roffa Balboa magic happening. Gladly presenting to you: Marie Kleinert & Gašper Hrovat!

Since Marie (Germany) dipped her toes into Balboa, she couldn’t get enough of it and dances Balboa with an outstanding passion for this dance ever since. She visits many workshops and further educations and collects new ideas and experiences, which she is happy to pass down with enthusiasm. She is staying open for new concepts and can’t get enough of learning from others and sharing ideas. Her motto: „Always see yourself as „beginner“, there is always something to improve!“. )

Her dancing is signed by a relaxed but deep connection to her partner and the music, creating beautiful lines and feeling joy and fun in the dance. She is convinced that, therefore it’s helpful to create a good base of kind and smooth communication skills within the dance - with your partner.

As a teacher she motivating and focused, you’ll enjoy her lessons as a dancer on every level. She is caring for a good group dynamic and productive personal feedback within the class. Besides the theme of the classes she is known to care especially for clean basics and transitions as well working on the right attitude and presence.
(Photo: David Poul)

Gašper (Slovenia/Sweden) is a wonderful and inspiring dancer that will warm your heart. Gašper’s dance style is smooth and playful and is at its best dancing to live music, when the focus is all on the joy between the musicians and the dancers. Gašper sees sharing the love for the dance as a form of communication without words, but with music, as the essence of dancing with body and soul.

From a young age Gašper was into several styles before getting into authentic jazz dances. He stuck around in Sweden since he met his partner Anni in Herräng in 2008. Nowadays you can find them on the road often to teach, perform and lecture. The experiences evolved Gašper into a dancer with a vibrant style and superfast feet.


Workshop location

Cuartito Azul,
Schoterbosstraat 17,
3032 CN Rotterdam

A 10 minute walk from Central Station (north side).
From north side (backside!) Central Station: Take Tram 25 (direction Schiebroek), stop: Provenierssingel walk 7 minutes via Teilingerstraat or Tam 4 (direction Molenlaan) stop: Eudokiaplein and walk 8 minutes via Noordsingel.

We're happy to be having classes in the cosy and and colourful tango school Cuartito Azul. And we all know tango dancers love a great floor. Cuartito Azul is situated in one of cool hoods of Rotterdam "Oude Noorden" (Old North) with plenty of nice places for coffees, cakes, restaurants and (vintage) shopping.

Preliminary Class & Party schedule

Subject to change!

Extra: Taster class Slow Balboa

As the interest in Slow Balboa grows, especially in Rotterdam, we present you a taster class with our local Slow Bal experts Deirdre and Luciën of Slow Feet Studio!
Suitable for balboa dancers with no previous slow balboa experience.

This intensive taster is 90 minutes.
To make this possible a minimum of 15 parcipants is required.
Damage: €10

Extra: City Walk

Swinging Rotterdam
Join us on a city walk through Rotterdam's swinging past! After the First World War American sailors introduced jazz to Rotterdam. As a result the city became dance crazy. Dozens of venues appeared all over Rotterdam's centre. This sudden interest engaged the 'creme de la creme' of internationally renowned jazz musicians, and the public went wild over the latest American dance fads, such as the Charleston and the Black Bottom. Sadly, all of these venues, like the legendary dancing Pschorr with its ultramodern glass dancefloor, no longer exist. But - with the help of vintage images, some vivid storytelling and your own imagination - your time travel guide Marly from Timeless Rotterdam Tours will help you to revisit them during this city walk.

Saturday November 23,
Tour duration approx. 1.5 hour.
Starting time, depending on your track, (preliminary schedule )at 11 hrs/am or 13:30 hr/1:30pm.
The walk will be in city centre, close to most RBW venues, departure point: entry of City Hall, (Coolsingel 40)
Damage: €10

Dancing Pschorr (1922-1940)


Friday Party

20:00 - 01:00 Welcome party

Live music by Sunset Swing from Breda, line up: Carlo van Bijsterveld cornet, Philippe De Smet trombone, Bart Goosen contrabas, Wouter Nouwens gitaar, Fred Weller drums.
To keep you dancing before & after: DJ FinnSpinn.
Due to space limitations we there are no single tickets for Friday or Sunday.

Photo: Etienne van Laere

Cuartito Azul,
Schoterbosstraat 17,
3032 CN Rotterdam

Walk, cycle or take public transport:
A 10 minute walk from Central Station (north side).
From north side (backside!) Central Station: Take Tram 25 (direction Schiebroek), stop: Provenierssingel walk 7 minutes via Teilingerstraat or Tam 4 (direction Molenlaan) stop: Eudokiaplein and walk 8 minutes via Noordsingel.

Same venue where the workshops take place, in the cosy and and colourful tango school Cuartito Azul. And we all know tango dancers love a great floor. Cuartito Azul is situated in one of cool hoods of Rotterdam "Oude Noorden" (Old North) with plenty of nice places for coffees, cakes, restaurants and (vintage) shopping.

Saturday Party

21:00 - 01:30 Paaaaaartay!
Proudly presenting, hard swinging bliss from Ghent: Lester's Blues!
Line up: Tom Callens: tenor saxophone/leader, David Lukacs: clarinet/tenor saxophone, Hans Bossuyt: trumpet, Luk Vermeir: piano, Victor Da Costa: rhythm guitar/solo guitar, Sam Gerstmans: acoustic bass,
Frederik Van den Berghe: drums
To keep you dancing before & after: DJ Superheidi
Tickets at the door: €25 (included in all Passes, due to space limitations we there are no single tickets for Friday or Sunday)

Pieter de Hoochweg 125,
3024 BG Rotterdam

Public transport:
Tram: From Central Station tram 8 direction Spangen, stop: Pieter de Hoochweg
Metro: From Central Station take any line to station Beurs, change to line A, B, or C direction Schiedam, stop: Coolhaven

Grounds is a very versatitle venue for concerts and parties with music from any direction the wind may blow. The main building dates from 1921 and was for years the office of the National Pilotage, (Loodswezen), yes, all things maritime again as we are in Rotterdam. But the room we'll be dancing in was built in 2005 against the outside walls of the Pilotage building. You'll see it's a quirky room with a nice bamboo floor.

Sunday Party

16:00 - 20:00 Farewell party with live: Irene's Gypsy Swing Band!
Line up: Irene Ypenburg - gitaar en zang, Adrian Holovaty - gitaar, Govert Vetkamp - bas, Dimitri Chapeau - saxofoon
To keep you dancing before & after: DJ Marike.
Have a last dance with old & new friends!
Due to space limitations we there are no single tickets for Friday or Sunday.

Daktuin Hotel Atlanta
Aert van Nesstraat 4,
3012 CA Rotterdam

Public transport:
10 minute walk from Central Station or workshop location
Metro: Stadhuis or Beurs, Tram: many lines, stop: Beurs or Hofplein

Hotel Atlanta was built between 1929 and 1931 and is one of the few remaining buildings in the city centre that survived the air raids of 1940. Many parts of the hotel are still in the original state and decor. We'll be dancing at the rooftop room with great views over the city.

The unofficial RBW afterparty

20:30-23:00 with live music by Don Hans Swing Quartet!
The unofficial RBW afterparty on Monday evening will be hosted by Roffa Balboa Praktijk,
the bi-weekly balboa social of Rotterdam at Jazzcafé Dizzy.

Free entry, so make sure you buy some drinks from the bar.

Jazzcafé Dizzy
's-Gravendijkwal 127 a,
3021 EK Rotterdam

Tram 4 stops around the corner!

Refund policy

We cannot refund your purchased passes for any reason. You can, however, re-sell your pass on your own behalf, just let us know by e-mail to whom you sold your pass as soon as possible so we can update our registration.
Helaas kunnen we om verschillende praktische redenen geen geld-terug-garantie bieden bij annulering van jouw kant. Mocht je toch verhinderd zijn om te komen kun je je Pass wel verkopen aan een andere danser. Laat ons zo snel per mail weten om wie het gaat zodat wij ons registratie kunnen bijwerken.

We will take some snap shots and videos during the event that may be published on line. Let us know by mail if you have pressing reasons against this usage.
We maken wat snapshots en filmpjes tijdens het weekend en zetten die on line. Laat ons per mail weten als je daar gegronde redenen tegen hebt.

Staying in Rotterdam

Since we are just a small team organizing this special weekend, we don't offer hosting. But do feel free to ask and offer hosting here on the Facebook event page.
And dear Roffaswingers, if you have room for some cool & sophisticated dancers, you can add to all the magic and enjoy some good company and eternal gratitude!

Some affordable suggestions in Rotterdam:
Ani & Haakien
ROOM Hostel
King Kong Hostel
Easy Hotel
Stay Okay Rotterdam
Hotel Bazar
The Student Hotel
Sparks Hostel
The James


international travel by train, plane or ferry
Rotterdam Central Station has direct connections from Amsterdam Schiphol, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris and London (one way). Inland travel check NS.
Rotterdam/the Hague Airport has direct connections to several European cities, bus 33 will take you within 30 minutes to Central Station
Stena Line Hoek van Holland-Harwich is still running, 30 kms from Rotterdam, train will take you in 30 minutes to Central Staion

Check for tickets and routes: RET or OV9292

Parking in Rotterdam is all paid parking, prices differs per neighbourhood and time, check Parking in Rotterdam

several possiblities, some hostels offer rental bikes as well, check for options Bim Bim Bikes or here or register for an OV-fiets and new in Rotterdam, renting per app: MoBike, Donkey Republic or electric sharebikes via Uber.


Find the party venues, workshop location and close to there pllaces for coffee, food, supermarkets and some Rotterdam sightseeing, all on our map


Any questions, need more information? Drop us a line at roffaswing at gmail . com. Send specific questions regarding your registration to roffaswing.reg ad

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