RoffaSwingMission: North Sea Round Town

  • Datum: 25 juni - 9 juli
  • Tijd: divers
  • Locatie: divers
  • Prijs: gratis

North Sea Round Town presents itself as the Fringe Festival of the big North Sea Jazz. Though some will hiss, it is like many other so-called jazz festivals, meaning there’s a whole lotta stuff but jazz to be heard, let alone the jazz dancers like.
Scrolling through the program at Roffaswing HQ, we picked out some gigs that may sound worthwhile to investigate. So let’s troop up for a RoffaSwingMisions*.

Disclaimer: the bands, their repertoire are unknown, dancing may be limited or not appreciated, listening is always an option. Keep expectations low, hopes high and enjoy the exploartion. Best thing: these performances are for free.

*On RoffaSwingMissons we investigate all kinds of events, locations, DJs, bands on their swingability.


Sunday, June 25: Zoltans of Swing
15:30-17:30 uur, Eetcafé Haagse Bluf

North Sea Round Town blurb:
“Thalio Van Ree, Zoltan Polgar and Marijn Van De Ven. All three passionate about the bebop and swing tradition. Swinging bebop melodies, well-known and unforgettable jazz classics are serving their goal to take the listener to a relaxing musical journey, back to the 1930’s & 40’s. violin: Thalio van Rhee, gitar: viool Zoltan Polgar, bass: Marijn van de Ven.”

“… back to the 1930s & 40's.” is the only promise here, as it seems impossible to find any on line info on this band, apart from individual musicans. They know how to play, Haagse Bluf is small, let’s give it a shot anyway!


Saturday, July 1: De Big Band
20-22:30 hrs, Schotse Kerk, Schiedamse Vest 121

They promise a bit of Ella, a bit of Frank and a bit of Basie. Here’s a bit of Nat King Cole:

Okay, let's be honest, they aren’t supertight, and for sure some will frown at that bass. But how often do we have a big band in town that into playing the classics? Exactly. If there's a chance to sneak a dance, we could really surprise them with a dance or two.

July 6: Michael Varenkamp & Band
Wijnbar het Eigendom, 21-23:30 hrs

So actually, this one could make you squee a bit. Michael Varenkamp is an amazing trumpet player that you may know from sitting in for Doctor Bernard’s Swing Orchestra. He knows his classics, he can holler a great ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’, and for sure this cat can swing. The place is small, but here’s all that jazz!

Saturday, July 8: The Roots of Music Marching Crusaders
14:30-15:30 hrs, Central Staion

If you can squeeze in only one mission, let it be this one! Go and see this band as they come all the way from New Orleans to play at North Sea Jazz. Grab your chance to catch them for free if you don’t go visit NSJ. These kids, that’s right, they are still kids, bring their music in true New Orleaans marching band tradition.

They are part of an amazing project: The Roots of Music empowers the youth of New Orleans through music education, academic support, and mentorship, while preserving and promoting the unique musical and cultural heritage of New Orleans.
This is a must-go-and-listen! There is always space to dance at Central Station, warm your feet and heart, show them your love for jazz!

Saturday, July 8: Diona Fox & her Ragdolls
20-21:30 hrs, Kantine Walhalla, Veerlaan 11

The inspiration of the band lies in Amy Winehouse, Ella, Joss Stone and Aznavour. But you may have heard singer Karen Canters when she sang with Doctor Bernard’s bands.
A little birdie told us that she recently released a CD of which she claimed it was all about Amy Winehouse meets Django. So that could go anywhere, maybe in the right direction? The proof of the pudding is in the eating and we're on a mission!

Sunday, July 9: Big Swingers
14-18 hrs,
Hotel New York

Here’s the big gamble, we have no idea if this will make you swing. A quick listen may pigeon hole the Big Swingers as the Dutch Post Modern Jukebox. PMJ has many fans amongst swing dancers, so here’s a chance to enjoy some popular hits rinsed in vintage fashion.

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