Swinging Podcasts 2

There are some new(er) podcasts you may want to check out so here is part 2 of Swinging Podcasts! You can find part 1 here.
Podcast are great to inform yourself about the wider world of swing music & dance while you are cooking dinner, cycle to dance class or polish your dance shoes. We listed some options for you, have a listen! 


Women in Jazz with Earanee Niedzwiecki
'Women in Jazz' is a podcast which aims to amplify the voices of female and non-binary jazz musicians. So many excellent female jazz musicians of the past have received nowhere near the recognition of their male peers - 'Women in Jazz' hopes to change that trend, one story at a time. Each month, we sit down with a new musician to discuss her experience in music, and the inspiration that led her to pursue a career in jazz.

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PrideVoice hosted by Switch Taipei
The PrideVoice podcast is a mix of Chinese and English and will inform you about switch dancing and topics concerning LGBTQIA+ issues and beyond for everyone in our communtiy. 
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Integrated Rhythm
Chisomo Selemani and Bobby White have a brand new weekly podcast where these two swing dancing besties navigate race and the Black Experience in the world of Jazz Dance and other Afro-centric social dancing.
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Drinking and Dance at the End of the World
In each episode, Chicago Footworker Rob Celtic interviews a different member of the Street Dance community over drinks. We chat about the state of Dance, the future of movement, and what everyone is doing to stay sane during the Apocalypse. You'll encounter some jazz dancers you may know of.
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Tap Love Tour Podcast
Follow artist, tap dancer, performer, choreographer, speaker Travis Knights as he takes you on an adventure through time, rhythm, and dance. The Tap Love Tour Podcast is featuring interviews of a myriad of inspiring artists. You will find some lindy hoppers and much much more!
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