Swnging Podcasts

Podcast are great to inform yourself about the wider world of swing music & dance while you are cooking dinner, cycle to dance class or polish your dance shoes. We listed some options for you, have a listen!

Hey mister Jesse
Hey Mister Jesse's barbecue of tasty talk about swingin' jazz and blues. DJ Jesse Miner will serve up a platter of swingin' music that matters to dancers. Check out the show every month to hear music, interviews, listener feedback and news about the music swing dancers love.

The Track Podcast
Each month on The Track, join host Ryan Swift as he sits down for an in-depth & candid conversation with swing dancers, musicians, DJs, competitors, and instructors from the world of Lindy Hop.

Michael & Evita Show
Michael and Evita, world class Lindy Hop dancers, bring you a new show dedicated to Swing dancing and all it entails. In each episode they answer questions from students around the world and tell stories from a lifetime in dance.

Frankie 100 podcasts
Panel discussions recorded during the Frankie 100 event in New York City 2014

Walk To Work
Thoughts about dance, music and teaching: blues, lindy hop, bal folk and other related topics by Gregory Dyke.

From the Top by IG HOP
A podcast about contemporary swing dance culture from Vienna, Austria. From The Top asks the big questions about swing music and dancing. Unfortenately no recent updates, but you can listen to the archived shows.

The Brightside with Mikey Pedroza & Rachel Dahlenburg
This is a podcast where Rachel and Mikey talk about the things in the Lindy Hop world and pretty much anything else they want to talk about. Unfortenately no recent updates, but you can listen to the archived shows.

Blues Dance World Podcast
Blues Dance World is an organization dedicated to bringing information about Blues Dancing to dancers all over the globe. They have a community blog with several writers on staff, a map and resource area for dancers to locate Blues in their local community, and a podcast. Unfortenately no recent updates, but you can listen to the archived shows.

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