Party Like It’s 1949!

  • Datum: zaterdag 18 mei
  • Tijd: 11 - 01 uur
  • Locatie: Cuartito Azul
  • Adres: Schoterbosstraat 17
  • Prijs: €7,50 - €15

Roffa's gonna party like it's 1949!

And it’s going to be so much fun! To be clear, this is not going to be your usual swing party, nor will it be a recreation of 1949, but 1949 is going to be our inspiration for this event.

In the second half of the 1940s rhythms changed and the music shifted (like it always does!). Swing never disappeared, but big bands became small bands, Rhythm & Blues hit the charts, Mambo arrived in New York City, creativity in jazz found new expressions in Be Bop and Blues remained at the core of everything. Afro-American and Latin music kept everybody on the dance floor.

The workshops on offer will give you a taste of these exciting times in music history, and you'll get a chance to try different dance styles that are closely related and intertwined with swing dancing. Be it in a partner or solo setting, here’s an opportunity to enrich your experience of swing dancing. All workshops will let you experiment with your sense of music, your sense of movement and your sense of rhythm. Feel the music!


We will offer 4 types of dance classes: Boogie (2 hours), Struttin’ Blues (2 hours), Solo Latin Jazz (1 hour) and Solo Be Bop Jazz (1 hour). You can sign up for as many workshops as you like.

Registration is closed!

There will be some party tickets at the door, scroll down for party info.

Please, read our Refund Policy at the end of the page.

There will be limited space, workshop participants will get priority on party tickets. Party only registrants will be waitlisted till registration closes.

Single Registration only!
Some classes are partnered workshops. BUT! We have decided to skip partner registration as we want to offer freedom of choice and combinations. You can participate in every workshop you like, as many as you like and in whatever role you like!
There will be only place for a limited number of dancers per workshop. So sign up FAST!
Registration only per person, there is NO partner registration. Partners should both sign up fast if they want to join the workshops together.

All Levels!
All workshops are level free and essentially taster classes, so no former experience of the dances is needed.

Switch roles!
Why not expand your dance experience? Since all classes are open to any level, you may like switching from your usual role as lead or follow and discover the other role.
If you do multiple workshops, you can try out both, like lead in boogie, follow in blues or vice versa. You just sign up your role per class and have all the fun.


Boogie: 2 hours for €15
Struttin ‘ Blues: 2 hours for €15
Solo Latin Jazz: 1 hour for €7.50
Solo Be Bop Jazz: 1 hour for €7.50
Party: €10 at registration online/at the door €12.50 (if still available)


11:00-13:00 Boogie
13:30-14:30 Solo Latin Jazz
15:00-16:00 Solo Bebop Jazz
16:30-18:30 Struttin’ Blues


Cuartito Azul,
Schoterbosstraat 17,
3032 CN Rotterdam

A 10 minute walk from Central Station (north side).
From Central Station: Take Tam 4 (direction Molenlaan) stop: Noordsingel or Tram 25 (direction Schiebroek), stop: Schiekade, walk 5 minutes via Teilingerstraat

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Boogie Woogie

Boogie Woogie is a confusing name when we talk about the dance. Boogie Woogie music originates already from the beginning 20th century. The dance style certainly and obviously has its roots in Afro-American swing dancing and Lindy Hop. It comes close to several dances that developed after the swing era, but in the USA the dance Boogie Woogie never existed. When swing dancing came to Europe with the liberating army forces from North America at the end of WWII, a kind of European version emerged: Boogie Woogie. But it certainly wasn’t only danced to Boogie Woogie music, all kinds of popular music of the time like Jump blues, rhythm & Blues and swing were a perfect match. From these roots mainstream Rock & Roll and Jive happened.

Boogie Woogie is a fun and energetic partner dance. Join the workshop and learn some Boogie basics and get ready to add some crazy stuff.

Your teachers: Monique & Edwin
Edwin and Monique met at Rock & Roll dance school Lolliop in Amsterdam many moons ago. They soon after teamed up for Boogie Woogie competitions on national and international level. They have been ranked #18 of the world, but they were ‘team Zoetemelk’ (the perpetual 2nd place winners) of Boogie in the Netherlands.
They were part of the first generation Lindy Hoppers of the Netherlands and Monique brought Balboa to the lowlands with her partner Michel.


Solo Latin Jazz

“… if you can't manage to put tinges of Spanish in your tunes, you will never be able to get the right seasoning, I call it, for jazz.” so said ragtime and jazz pianist Jelly Roll Morton from New Orleans. “Spanish” in this quote refers to latin, more importantly Cuban rhythms. You can find this ‘tinge’ in early jazz and blues, just think of the song St. Louis Blues (from 1914). During the 1930s rhumba was very popluar in the USA, but in the late 1940s mambo swept all the ballrooms of the east coast, including the Savoy.

Want to spice up your jazz groove? Add some flavor with a taster Latin Solo Jazz.
This class involves a core set of solo moves called "shines" of a Latin-Caribbean origin combined with a swing basic due to the double bending and straightening of the knees.

Your teacher: Natascha
Natascha’s dancing experiences include a wide range of different dances from Ballet, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Salsa to Balboa. As a genuine dance addict she is always looking for more dance knowledge to expand the happiness and induce creativity on the dance floor.


Solo Bebop

After playing the many hours each day in swing orchestras, some musicians met up in small bars to jam without a demanding dance audience and playing without tight arrangements needed for big bands. Bebop was an Afro-American revolution in jazz that emerged from these after hour jam sessions. Black musicians claimed more freedom of expression, space for solos and improvisation as individual artists.

With its novel rhythms, looser structure and eccentric instrument-use bebop was seen by several jazz dancers as an intriguing challenge! Are you ready to explore how to move to this flowy and unpredictable music style? See you there!


Your teacher: Jeroen
Since he began dancing, Jeroen has rarely been absent when there is a party or dance event. The joy he finds in both individual and partnered dance is evident from the enthusiasm he emits on the dance floor, with his humorous and experimental style. In his classes he places a strong focus on rhythms and self-expression, filling them with energy and lots of fun. He loves seeing his students flourish by helping them find their own way of movement!



Struttin' Blues

Struttin’ is one of the Blues idiom dances, a family of African American Vernacular dances, danced to the many styles of Blues music. It is original from Memphis, Tennessee (USA) that was danced in Juke Joints throughout the 1940’s, 50’s and early 60’s to Blues music of medium to high tempos.

We know what you are thinking: high tempos in Blues? Yes, that’s what we are talking about! This dance feels and looks like you are lightly jogging together around the dance floor, in a "lean in" close embrace position that allows for all the playfulness that independent lead & follow footwork variations bring to the dance!


Your teachers: Isabel & Fion
Isabel & Fionn met in Delft in 2013, when Delft Blues was just starting up. It didn’t take long until they became completely addicted to the dance, and started contributing to the scene’s development by organising and teaching locally. They have been learning and teaching the Blues ever since, and recently started Blues Dance Rotterdam.



21:00-01:00 hrs
€10 when you register here in advance or damage at the door: €12.50.
The party will be also at Cuartito Azul. You can bust out all your new moves to the live music of 44 Shakedown!
DJ Meneer Dinges will spin the hottest and coolest tunes from back in the day to keep you on the floor.


We cannot refund your purchased registration for any reason. You can, however, re-sell your ticekts on your own behalf, just let us know by e-mail to whom you sold your tickts as soon as possible so we can update our registration. Questions about registrations? Mail to: roffaswing.reg ad

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Note: Registration only per person, there is NO partner registration. Partners should both sign up fast if they want to join the workshops together.
NB: Inschrijving kan alleen per persoon, je kunt niet met een partner inschrijven. Schrijf allebei z.s.m. in als je samen een workshop wilt doen.

2019 18 mei