Roffa Balboa Brew

  • Datum: 6-14 mei
  • Tijd: verschillende tijden
  • Locatie: Studio Swing in Rhythm en meer
  • Adres: Willem Buytewechstraat 34
  • Prijs: TBA

A Balboa mini-Artist in Residence with workshops, socials and more...

Something’s brewing in Roffa…

… and it smells like Balboa. We would like to invite you to make something happen! We have new and fresh Balboa dancers in our scene and a good chunk of the pre-pandemic Roffa Balboa crowd is still here. So let’s get together for some good stuff!
We invited Gasper to be part of our local community for a big week. Like brewing a good cup of coffee, we’ll take our time to catch up, have a spin around the floor, have a drink and a chat, join a class and talk about Bal. Let’s connect and re-connect with old and new bal pals in Roffa.

Artist in Residence Gašper

Gašper grew up with his mom and grandparents in Slovenia in the times when dancing was still a big part of cultural activities and socialising. When they were baby-sitting him, his grandparents usually brought Gašper to social dances, and held him while waltzing through the dance floor. That dancing feeling and the flow that he became aware of, became essential to Gašper’s perception of what dancing is all about. It triggered his general interest in dance, along with all physical activities such as team sports and martial arts. Gašper's dancing path went from classic social dancing, to world competitions in Hip-Hop and Breakdancing, and from the first Swing-out in Ljubljana, to a professional career throughout Europe. Needless to say, the search for that “magical” flow from his youth continues to this day, and if you ever danced with Gašper, you know what we’re talking about.

Gašper is a professional dance instructor who sets dancers on a journey with a productive and creative spirit. His workshops are supported by knowledge of body awareness, his original material and inspiration from his favourite dance masters.




Dark Roast Invitational Workshops
We’ll focus on social dancing. For that we will get back to the fundamentals of Balboa, and work on smoothness and connection. We will work on increasing our attentiveness on phrasing, timing and flow.
The workshops are aimed (but not exclusively) at our local advanced dancers that were in the Swing in Rhythm Yellow class plus the dancers that have more experience.
We will invite these dancers, but if you think we forgot you, send us a mail.

Attention: Registration for Dark Roast Invitational Workshops has closed.

We have space for 15 couples/30 dancers during the weekend.
3 hours on Saturday and on Sunday
Price: €90
Saturday 6, 12:00-13:30 and 14:00-15:30
Sunday 7, 12:00-13:30 and 14:00-15:30
Location: Studio Swing in Rhythm.

Medium Roast Open Level Workshops
Like on the social dance floor, everybody can dance with everybody. And eveybody can learn  with everybody. That’s why we want to invite dancers of all levels who are familiar with the Balboa basics. This will suit open minded dancers who are looking for new inspiration and work with fresh material.

Saturday May 13, 12:00-13:30: Pure Bal
In the Pure Bal workshop we will work on footwork variations & combinations.

Saturday May 13, 14:00-15:30: Bal Swing
In the Bal Swing workshop, we will work on pivoting, torque and momentum.

We have space for 15 couples/30 dancers per workshop.
Price: €22,50 per workshop
Location: Swing in Rhythm

Light Roast Guest Teaching
for regular Balboa classes Green and Blue with Gašper, Melissa, Anne and Mark
At Swing in Rhythm, free for Swing in Rhythms Balboa students
No need to register.


Single Registration only! Registration only per person, there is NO partner registration. Partners should both sign up fast if they want to join the workshops together. There will be only place for a limited number of dancers per workshop. So sign up FAST! Registration closes on Friday May 12 at noon (12:00 uur)

Registration is closed.


Refund Policy
We cannot refund your purchased passes for any reason. You can, however, re-sell your pass on your own behalf, just let us know by e-mail to whom you sold your pass as soon as possible so we can update our registration.

Other Activities

The monthly social hosted by Roffa Balboa Nights will be moved to Studio Swingin Rhythm because to unforseen circumstances at Dizzy.
Sunday May 7, 16:00-19:00
Free entrance, order some drinks at the bar please!

Balboa sprinkled Roffaswing @V11
Our weekly social at V11 for Lindy Hop, Shag, Slow Bal, Balboa, Solo Jazz, it's going to be a party for all!
Thursday May 11, 20:00-23:00 
Free entrance, order some drinks at the bar please!
More info here

Unfiltered, Let's talk about… Bal
Let's get together and watch some original Balboa dancers footage and talk about anything Balboa. Bring Your Own drink.
Friday May 12, 19:00-21:30 at Swing in Rhythm. Entrance: Pay what you want, in cash please!
Facebook event here

Dance & Connect Party!
Let's dance at Swing in Rhythm's party with live music by The Blue Ramblers!
Sunday May 14,14:00-18:00, Grounds, Pieter de Hoochweg 125 Rotterdam
€15, grab, your tiicket via Swing in Rhythm
Facebook event here.

Outside Shuffle
The weather is too unpredictable at the moment to organise an outside shuffle. 


Studio Swing in Rhythm
Willem Buytewechstraat 34
3024 BN Rotterdam

Jazzcafé Dizzy
's-Gravendijkwal 127
3021 EK Rotterdam

Wijnhaven 101
3011 WN Rotterdam

Grounds, Pieter de Hoochweg 125
3024 BG Rotterdam


We ask you to stay at home if you have corona related health complaints. Also if you don't have any complaints you can always do a corona selftest to reduce risk.
What's most important to us is that during the event you do whatever you feel comfortable and safe with. If you for whatever reason feel uncomfortable or unsafe, don't hesitate to reach out to one of the RoffaSwing teammembers (Red Roffaswing button)

2023 06 mei tot 2023 14 mei