Roffa Balboa Weekend 2017

  • Datum: 24-26 November
  • Tijd: 21-19 uur
  • Locatie: several locations
  • Adres: several locations
  • Prijs: Full Pass €90, Party Pass €35

It's gonna happen, the 4th Roffa Balboa Weekend!
Because you loved them and we loved them, we invited them all back: Jo & Mel from London and Anni & Gasper from Gothenburg!
And we promise... it's gonna be snug, it’s gonna be funny, it’s gonna be inspiring and it’s gonna be magic! So mark you calendars!



You can keep an eye on the Facebook event as people may cancel last minute and sell their passes.
Also, save the dates for 2018: we'll be back November 23-25!

Registration with or without partner?
Partnered workshops: registration without partner is possible, of course. But we will be confirming you based on the lead/follow balance. Want to ensure your place? Register with a partner!
There will be only place for a limited number of dancers per level. For level description, scroll a lower.

The Teachers

Jo & Mel

Mel and Jo are dance enthusiasts who dedicate their time to encourage swing dancing in the United Kingdom.  Being familiar with lindy hop and blues, their current passion is mastering Balboa and Bal-swing - a journey of continuous learning.
They started salsa dancing in Singapore and after moving to the United Kingdom in 2000 began their journey in swing dancing.  After dancing lindy hop, charleston and blues for several years they then fell in love with Balboa and became dedicated to learning this dance from 2008.  However, they still love and continue dancing all styles to this day.

Jo has been athletic since she was a teenager and currently holds a brown belt in Xen-Do Martial Arts.  Mel, who also accomplished medals in various sports, was a break-dancer and a DJ in his younger years.  From this personal experience, they apply the techniques of physical motion to help them understand and master the nature of dance movement.

Currently, you can find them social dancing and competing at various events across Europe and the United States.  They also teach Balboa/Bal-swing and facilitate pilot sessions throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.  Their “down-to-earth” and positive attitude helps to make the classes they teach not only informative but also very enjoyable.  Mel still continues his love for music as a DJ and emcee at dance events across Europe and the United States.

Their aspirations to be balboa ambassadors stems from their drive to continuously learn and share the passion and knowledge of dance to enthusiasts alike.

Anni & Gasper

© Kristin Ladström

Anni Skoglund (Sweden) and Gašper Hrovat (Slovenia) are a wonderful and inspiring couple that will warm your heart. Their dance style is smooth and playful and is at its best dancing to live music when they focus on the joy between the musicians and themselves. They want to share their love for the dance as a form of communication without words, but with music, as the essence of dancing with body and soul.

From a young age both danced several styles before getting into authentic jazz dances. In 2008 it must have been love at first dance at Herräng Dance Camp and it’s how they ended up living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden. Years of performing, teaching and lecturing about balboa and lindy hop at home and abroad has seen them evolve into a couple that has won several competitions with their vibrant style and superfast feet.

Dancing plays a major role in their lives, but they do share many more passions like art (creating and consuming), reading, collecting vinyl records, travel and wholesome organic food.

Workshop & Levels

We will offer 4 levels that each will enjoy 5 hours of class divided over 2 days. We will place you in a level based on a questionaire at registration. It won't be possible to change level as we have limited places per class space. Please consider that levels are a relative matter and you will learn in any group.
Class sizes and levels will be based on level of registrants, read below for an indication:

Level 1 (intermediate): You dance balboa for at least 6 months to 1 year and understand most basics (up & downhold basic, lollies, paddles, out & ins, throw out/come around)
Level 2 (intermediate+): You dance balboa between 1 and 2.5 years and participated in some international workshops
Level 3 (advanced): You dance balboa at least for 2.5 years and participated in several international workshops
Level 4 (advanced+): You dance balboa for quite some years and are in advanced or higher levels at international workshops

Absolute beginners
We will not offer absolute beginner classes.

Workshop location:
Cuartito Azul,
Schoterbosstraat 17,
3032 CN Rotterdam

A 10 minute walk from Central Station (north side).
From Central Station: Take Tam 4 (direction Molenlaan) stop: Noordsingel or Tram 25 (direction Schiebroek), stop: Schiekade, walk 5 minutes via Teilingerstraat.

We're happy to be having classes in the cosy and and colourful tango school Cuartito Azul. And we all know tango dancers love a great floor. Cuartito Azul is situated in one of cool hoods of Rotterdam "Oude Noorden" (Old North) with plenty of nice places for coffees, cakes, restaurants and (vintage) shopping.


Full Pass: €90 (5 hours class during 2 days plus entry to all 3 parties)
Party Pass: €35 (all 3 parties)
Update on single tickets: we cannot offer single party tickets at the door.
The afterparty on Monday will be no problem.
If you want to make sure to join in all the fun, book your Party Pass now!

Preliminary Class & Party schedule


Party Prices
Party Pass: register for €35
We are SOLD OUT! Due to limited space in venues we can NOT sell tickets at the door.

Friday Party

21:00 - 01:00 Welcome party
Live: Don Hans Swing Quartet
(Line up: Hans: vocals/guitar, Guust de Koning: soprano sax, Erwin Kandou: guitar, Richard Peetoom: double bass).
To keep you dancing before & after: DJ Superheidi (Rotterdam).
Say hello to the teachers, local dancers and old friends!
Only for Full and Party Passes, no tickets at the door.

Cuartito Azul,
Schoterbosstraat 17,
3032 CN Rotterdam

Walk, cycle or take public transport:
A 10 minute walk from Central Station (north side).
From Central Station: Take Tam 4 (direction Molenlaan) stop: Noordsingel or Tram 25 (direction Schiebroek), stop: Schiekade, walk 5 minutes via Teilingerstraat.

Same venue where the workshops take place, in the cosy and and colourful tango school Cuartito Azul. And we all know tango dancers love a great floor. Cuartito Azul is situated in one of cool hoods of Rotterdam "Oude Noorden" (Old North) with plenty of nice places for coffees, cakes, restaurants and (vintage) shopping.

Saturday Party

21:00 - 01:00 Paaaaaarty!
Live: Doctor Bernard & the Swingcats
(Line up: Bernard Berkhout: clarinet, Pieter van Santen: piano, Hans Voogt: guitar,
VIncent Kuiper:double bass, Dolf Helge: drums, Jacco Griekspoor: vibraphone)
To keep you dancing before & after: DJ Stepahn Wuthe (Berlin)
Only for Full and Party Passes, no tickets at the door.

Sociëtietsgebouw van de Koninklijke Roei- en Zeilverenigiging ‘De Maas’
(Royal Maas Yacht Club),
Veerdam 1,
3016 DD Rotterdam

Public transport:
From Central Station: Take Tam 7 (direction Willemsplein) stop: Westplein, walk 2 minutes towards river.
Or grab a watertaxi to Veerhaven buiten.

On Saturday night we will dance in the club home of the Royal Maas Yacht Club (Koninklijke Roei- en Zeilverenigiging ‘De Maas’), that was founded in 1851. This national monument, designed by Rotterdam architects Hooijkaas jr. and Brinkman, was built in Art Noveau style in 1908. It is located on the riverbank at one of the most beautiful spots in town, the ‘Veerhaven’.
Well, what do dancers care about that? Quite some, but yes, it also has a beautiful wooden floor.

Sunday Party

16:00 - 20:00 Farewell party with DJs Bal Cat (Wuppertal), Marijke (Gent) and Greta (Leipzig)
Have a last dance with old & new friends!
Only for Full and Party Passes, no tickets at the door.

Daktuin Hotel Atlanta
Aert van Nesstraat 4,
3012 CA Rotterdam

Public transport:
10 minute walk from Central Station or workshop location
Metro: Stadhuis or Beurs, Tram: many lines, stop: Beurs or Hofplein

Hotel Atlanta was built between 1929 and 1931 and is one of the few remaining buildings in the city centre that survived the air raids of 1940. Many parts of the hotel are still in the original state and decor. We'll be dancing at the rooftop room with great views over the city.


Monday 'unofficial' Afterparty

20:30 - 23:00 'unofficial Afterparty/bi-weekly social with DJs Marike (Rotterdam) & Greta (Leipizig)
Our bi-weekly balboa social dance will host the 'unofficial' afterparty of the Roffa Balboa Weekend!
last minute venue change: Stayokay, Overblaak 85-87, 3011 MH Rotterdam, that's in the Cube Houses next to the Market Hall.
Free entrance, but make sure to buy a few drinks at the bar.

StayOkay Rotterdam
Overblaak 85-87,
3011 MH Rotterdam

Public transport:
Metro, Tram, Train: many lines, stop: Blaak

Extra: City Walk

Shipping agents, merchants, bankers and mice
Because the feedback of last year's city walk was so positive, we will add it again to the weekend! Join Marly from Timeless Rotterdam Tours on a city walk through Rotterdam's Scheepvaartkwartier ('Shipping Quarter'), one of Rotterdam's best kept secrets.
A treasury of cultural heritage and architectural monuments and also the location of 1908 Jugendstil building 'De Maas', our Saturday night party venue. The Scheepvaartkwartier lies at the edge of the city's centre, at the foot of the Erasmusbridge. Built from the 1850s onwards it once housed the crème de la crème of Rotterdam's society and the offices of the so-called 'harbour barons'. Fortunately the area was spared during the bombardment of May 1940 and today it's one of Rotterdam's most beautiful historic areas. So no need to step into a timemachine for this year's city walk, it's all still there!

Saturday November 25
1st walk 11hrs/am for levels 3 & 4, 2nd walk at 13:30 hrs/1:30 pm, for levels 1 & 2 and party passes.
Tour duration approx. 1.5 hour.

The walk will be near Saturday night's party venue and It's easy to reach by public transport.
Start in front of Café Loos, Westplein 51, 3016 BM Rotterdam
Price: €10 when you sign up at registration for a Full Pass or a Party Pass, pay cash at the registration desk on Friday night.

Refund policy

We cannot refund your purchased passes for any reason. You can, however, re-sell your pass on your own behalf, just let us know by e-mail to whom you sold your pass as soon as possible so we can update our registration.
Helaas kunnen we om verschillende praktische redenen geen geld-terug-garantie bieden bij annulering van jouw kant. Mocht je toch verhinderd zijn om te komen kun je je Pass wel verkopen aan een andere danser. Laat ons zo snel per mail weten om wie het gaat zodat wij ons registratie kunnen bijwerken.

Staying in Rotterdam

Since we are just a small team organizing this special weekend, we don't offer hosting. But do feel free to ask and offer hosting here on the Facebook event page.
And dear Roffaswingers, if you have room for some cool & sophisticated dancers, you can add to all the magic and enjoy some good company and eternal gratitude!

Some affordable suggestions in Rotterdam:
Ani & Haakien
ROOM Hostel
King Kong Hostel
Easy Hotel
Stay Okay Rotterdam
Hotel Bazar
The Student Hotel
Sparks Hostel

international travel by train, plane or ferry
Rotterdam Central Station has direct connections from Amsterdam Schiphol, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris. Inland travel check NS.
Rotterdam/the Hague Airport has direct connections to several European cities, bus 33 will take you within 30 minutes to Central Station
Stena Line Hoek van Holland-Harwich is still running, 30 kms from Rotterdam, train will take you in 30 minutes to Central Staion

Check for tickets and routes: RET or OV9292

Parking in Rotterdam is all paid parking, prices differs per neighbourhood and time, check Parking in Rotterdam

several possiblities, some hostels offer rental bikes as well, check for options Bim Bim Bikes and new in Rotterdam, renting per app: oBikes.


Find the party venues, workshop location and close to there pllaces for coffee, food, supermarkets and some Rotterdam sightseeing, all on our map


Any questions, need more information? Drop us a line at roffaswing at gmail . com

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