• Datum: donderdag 9 mei
  • Tijd: 21-24 uur
  • Locatie: V11
  • Adres: Wijnhaven t/o 101g
  • Prijs: vrijwillige donatie in de swingbinkie

Aan boord van het coolste schip van de stad in het mooiste rood: Vessel11! Kost je niks, dus bestel vooral een pintje extra voor de baromzet. Vergeet je barrekening niet te betalen, enne… de dj lust misschien ook wel wat. :) We zien jullie benedendeks voor swing outs!

Aboard the coolest ship downtown: Vessel11! Whith the brightest red ever! It's for free, so spend your pennies on drinks. Be sure to pay your bill on tab and the DJ may like a drink too. :) See you downstairs for swing outs!

Meet Swingbinkie!

This little fella is gonna help us all out at Swingpraktijk.
Y’all know these nights are organised for free, zero, nada, niks, noppes… and that’s pretty cool, right? A bit of space for you to practice your moves to dedicated DJs and hang out with your dance homies.

V11, as the coolest ship downtown in the brightest red, does host us for free, zero, nada, niks and noppes… as long as they can break even on us swinging out almost every week. That is… when we all are taking our portion of orders from the bar. But we really could do a bit more to keep these nights going.

So meet and feed Swingbinkie with some euros when you come in. The swing gods will make your swingouts so much smoother, promised!

2019 09 mei